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The Millwork Hotel & Event Center logomark is comprised of multiple elements that combine together to create strong representation for the brand. The main focus of this logomark is the typography of the name. The word “Millwork” is displayed in a classical serif font that is reminiscent of the late 1800’s displaying great similarities to the history of this space. The wording “Hotel & Event Center” is displayed in a modern San-serif font that brings it into the 21st century while also setting the tone for the new age life that is being brought to this space. This typography is encased by framing elements that have the “MW” within them representing the name Millwork. The elements that make up this shape are representative of the structural beams that can be seen throughout the location while also providing structure and strength to the logomark itself.

Full branding and identity included concept, marketing, and design of business cards, letterhead, envelope, website, 3 billboard series, coasters, etc.

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In 1977, Dubuque County Fine Arts Society founders Ruth and Russ Nash brought DubuqueFest Fine Arts Festival to Downtown Dubuque for the very first time. From 1977 through 2019, the Dubuque County Fine Arts Society brought this three-day festival to celebrate all the genres of art possible.  DubuqueFest 2020 was canceled for the safety of our community but returned in August 2021 to keep the celebration going.

In the fall of 2019, DBQfest decided to undertake a full rebranding. The new branding abbreviated the prior “Dubuquefest Fine Arts Festival” to simply “DBQfest”. It took on a colorful minimalist approach. With a new goal of focusing on Arts, Music, and Culture the new branding works as a visually interesting yet blank slate. The gradient of a tetradic color scheme paired with sanserif typography works as stylized negative space that can complement the showcase of more detailed works throughout the festival itself.

Full rebranding and identity included concept, marketing, and design of website, logo, poster, marketing materials, merchandise, social media, etc.



Voices Productions

Web Design, Photography, Video Production, Social Media, Custom Map


Logo Design, Web Design, Social Media optimization 

Wicked Dame

Web Design, Photography, Video

Kaladi’s Coffee Bar

Web Design, Photography

The Wildflower Kitchen

Web Design, Logo Design, Photography, Social Media

Crystal Lake Cave

Logo Design, Web Design, Photography

Flash Happening

Web Design, Logo Design, Photography, Social Media, Creative Direction

Dubuque County Fine Arts Society

Logo Redesign, Web Design, Social Media optimization 


“It’s Your Choice” PSA – Poster Series

2018 ADDY – Silver

2018 ICCADI – Citation of Merit

Profiles of Typography

2018 ICCADI – Student’s Choice

MEADER – Font Design

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“A Guide to Coffee” Infographic

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Out of Home

Banned Book Series – Cover Design

Mines of Spain – Snapchat GeoFilter

Valley Fresh Breakfast Delivery – Logo & Package Design

CMYK – Cover Design